St. Charles, MN
St. Charles Community Preschool     St. Charles, MN

The St. Charles Community Preschool has recently announced the closing of its program. Financial considerations have played a significant role in that decision.  It is our belief that under the current circumstances, Early Childhood Educations will be more economically feasible under the public school system.  We are encouraged that the school board has finally made efforts with the current referendum, to provide this valuable program in St. Charles as other surrounding school districts have already done.  We hope that you will vote "yes" in the referendum.
We wish to thank the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church and its members who graciously opened their doors to provide a home for the preschool. The preschool enjoyed the support it received from the entire St. Charles faith community and the entire community as a whole.

St. Charles Community Preschool is licensed by the State of Minnesota. Enrollment is open to all children without regard to race, creed, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin.